Passive Income using Real Estate

Generate passive income through real estate investing

Why should you start creating passive income?

Passive income – you should create now and in the future.

Passive income will allow you to have more time, less stress even if it starts in small amounts

Passive income through real estate is stable form of income with minimum risk and consistent returns.

Since everyone needs a place to live at a reasonable price

Who should start investing in real estate to generate passive income?

Anyone who has worked long hours and had that difficult bosses and co-workers should definitely consider creating passive income.

If you want more time less hassle additional income a stable work environment where no one can fire you then this is the type of income you need to generate.

Don’t wait for the right time it as it never comes to those who wait.

Having a strategy when buying a real estate

When buying real estate you need to have a strategy and multiple strategies will make the decision making process much easier and automatic vesting in real estate requires a plan and that plan can change depending on different situations.

Let’s go over some of the best strategies you can have when buying real estate.

  • How to buy a real estate at a discount?

Can you buy any property at a 10 percent discount or more anyone can buy real estate at a discount. There are many ways to do this.

You can make low offers you can buy homes at auctions and foreclosures.

You can also buy homes that are undervalued.

But my favorite and guaranteed way of getting a discount without having to go through any of these paths will be through licensing by getting your real estate license and your loan officer license you will actually get at least a 6 percent discount.

And then by getting sellers contribution and any other credits you will surpass a 10 percent discount which is significant when it comes to real estate.

Besides this discount you can always negotiate a lower price and many other beneficial terms.

Why people think passive income is a myth?

Many people think that passive income is a myth and that it’s impossible to create.

But I’m here to tell you I have done it and so can you.

You will never regret receiving passive income.

Your goal should be to grow this income over time so that eventually it replaces your current income.

And you can decide if you want to quit your job or not.

Everyone doubts the possibilities until you meet someone who has done it and been successful at it.

Don’t be like the rest.

Start creating your own passive income.

Create passive income through real estate investing.

Why should you invest in real estate?

Real estate is one of the best long-term investments for many reasons.

Some of the main reasons are real estate has historically shown a consistent increase over time.

  • Real estate has many tax advantages.
  • They’re not building any more land so it’s scarcity will only increase which will increase its value.
  • Getting financing for real estate purchases is fairly simple and easy.
  • The initial investment or down payment requirements are reasonably low.
  • Real estate can be sold transferred and inherited
  • More millionaires have been made in real estate than in any other investment vehicle.

What is passive income and why is it important to you.

Passive income is a form of income you receive which requires little to no work on your part and that is paid on a consistent basis.

Passive income can go up or down over time but will continue if done right.

Most people spend their entire lives working for a salary and waiting for retirement without realizing that retirement could have been reached much sooner and with much less effort with certain steps and actions would have been taken.

Passive income is extremely important and one of the best forms passive income is real estate.

Your goal should be to eventually replace your salary income with passive income derived from real estate.

Real estate passive income does not have to be your only form of passive income, but it should definitely be on the top of your list.

Why is passive income derived from real estate investing a great idea?

Passive income that comes from real estate investments you have made will create many of future opportunities and benefits for you and for your family.

Many famous and wealthy investors believe that real estate investing in the passive income it can bring you is the best way to go financially because the tax advantages are massive and long lasting.

The potential for future appreciation is limitless over time and fairly consistent.

The passive income it can generate in the form of rents will grow over time as they are often tied to inflation and will help you to fund future passive income investments.

The flexibility in rent types and lease terms is a major benefit when increasing profits.

Forms of passive income even though real estate is one of the most important forms of passive income.

There are many more. Some other forms of passive income you can and should consider are:

  • Stock dividends
  • Book music and artist royalties
  • Business ownership
  • Franchise ownership
  • Investments
  • Storage and other forms of rentals
  • Tax lien certificates

What other types of passive income exist?

Well the types of passive income that have not been mentioned yet are renting out your car through websites like

  • Affiliate marketing
  • YouTube – videos that show ads
  • Other digital products you sell on your website
  • Start a blog and earn income from referral links or ads that appear on your site
  • Create apps that either require a subscription or that have ads that you are paid on for having on your app

Benefits of investing in real estate.

Why can I negotiate the price of real estate but can’t negotiate the price of milk or bread.

Investing in real estate as a passive income vehicle has many benefits such as

  • Potential for future appreciation
  • Long term passive income
  • Short term passive income
  • Tax benefits to deducting expenses and depreciation

Many things are not negotiable in life, but real estate is, if you go to the supermarket and ask the clerk to lower the price of the milk, you’re buying by one dollar. They will tell you the price is firm not negotiable. On the other hand, if you’re buying real estate you can make a lower offer on a home and often get a reduction on the asking price which in some cases can be very large. This is a major benefit. That’s not possible when investing in other things and when trying to achieve passive income.

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